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"My daughter, Matilda, had a Sandy Art Party for her 4th Birthday Party at our house. It was excellent and all the children (girls and boys aged from 3 to 7) had a great time making their Sand Art pictures. It easily kept them entertained for an hour. They then had their party tea in a different room and Sandy tidied up, leaving the place looking cleaner than when she had arrived! It was really lovely for the children to all be able to take home their creations - and also a Sandy Art Goody Bag with another picture they could do at home. I can recommend Sandy Art for a creative and stress free party!"

Sara, mum to Matilda aged 4


"Just to say this is a brilliant idea for a party! I have booked Sandy for the last two years for parties for my girls, they have been a huge success with girls and boys alike and the children have their 'works of art' to take home with them. Sandy is fantastically organised, great with the kids and there is no mess at all, incredibly, as Sandy clears everything before she leaves. I definitely give it 10/10!!"

Jane, mum to Amelia aged 7 and Flora aged 4


"I booked Sandy Art for my 5 year old daughter's party at our home after seeing her at the Harpenden Carnival. We wanted something flexible for good and bad weather and also something that would appeal to girls and boys. My daughter had loved it at the carnival and so we went ahead with the booking.

Sandy was extremely friendly, professional and at ease with all the children (around 12 - boys and girls). They were totally engrossed in the activity from start to finish (around 1 hour 15 minutes) and I found myself not

having to do much at all during this part of the party except to provide a few reassuring comments from time to time.

The set-up looked lovely on the garden lawn and the children understood quickly what was happening. The pictures were a lovely take-away from the party and we also had the miniature set in the party bags which was a bit different to your every day party bags.

We were very glad we booked Sandy Art and would definitely recommend her for a birthday party. It was great!"

Laura, mum to Ella aged 5


"I booked Sandy Art as an entertainer for my daughter's 6th birthday party.  All the little guests loved this craft activity because it was different from any other we've seen or any other party entertainer we've seen.  It's a very creative activity and Sandy kept them entertained for 90 minutes.  

Sandy is very professional and most importantly has a wonderful way of interacting with the children.  She's warm and friendly and it was a lifesaver to have her entertain all the little creative, energetic guests.  Everyone had an amazing time and took home two beautiful art creations.  Even my 9 year old daughter joined in the fun and enjoyed making her own sandy creations!

I would definitely recommend a Sandy Art party to anyone."

Ursula, mum to Rosie aged 6 and Annabel aged 9


"Alice had a wonderful time at the Sandy Art party.  She really enjoyed the choice of pictures and the lovely colours to choose from.  Sandy has the most wonderful, calm manner with the children and I couldn't believe how engrossed they were for such a long time.  I will definitely be recommending this as a party theme to other friends."

Karen,  mum to Alice aged 7